Technical Equipment
  • 1 cheek smashing machine, capacity: 90-120 tons/hour
  • 1 fly smashing machine, capacity: 90-120 tons/hour
  • 1 24 tons rotating dredger with 3 functions snapping and bataring heads for on the spot work
  • 1 front-end-loader
  • 1 three fractions planar classifier (capacity can be adjusted)
  • 2 two armed container truck
  • 2 one armed container truck with trailer
  • 60 7-15m3 container
Image These equipment are all mobile devices and they can be taken anywhere then profitably operated if a higher volume work must be done. The machines would be ready to move in 45 minutes. Smashing units are equipped with caterpillars and they are self propelled. They have excellent setting up properties for already developed manipulating areas. Their capacity can be altered by a remote controller from the loading machine. Loading machines are rubber-mounted and caterpillar, they can serve each other even on rough ground. Smashing machines have a magnetic separator unit and the products are free from any contaminant and separated metal materials can be recycled. The quality of smashed materials can be variable by setting the machine to different needs.