Welcome to our Homepage

Restone Ltd. was founded in 2005. The company operates the building debris and demolition waste salvaging capacity of the Kunszentmárton Council with the best technology available today and it also has other construction, design, consultative and environmental functions. It provides high quality standards to comply with EU norms and partially supported by EU funds.

The company has two premises which take debris to salvage under strict control and protection from the areas of Kunszentmárton-Szelevény and Szolnok. Mixed demolition waste are selected, processed and salvaged on these premises.

Expert background

The company is managed by dynamic professionals with university degrees and experiences in waste management. It provides high quality complex services for its partners through its extensive business connections. Restone Ltd. takes full responsibility for its commitments.


On the premises we have

  • Working area with solid surface
  • Indoor area for hand selection
  • Storage unit for processed goods
  • Laboratory
  • Weigh-bridge
  • Parking area
  • Offices